Our Services

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  • An affordable alternative to emergency room care, Urgent Care of Omaha provides treatment for acute medical illnesses and injuries of a non-life threatening nature. Our physicians and medical staff are here to care for babies (older than six months), young children, teenagers, adults, and geriatric patients.
  • Upon request we forward your visit summary to your primary care physician.
  • Urgent Care of Omaha is open 7 days a week so that we can get you feeling better fast. We are committed to excellent patient care and welcome your visit with us.
Accidents and falls
Common cold symptoms
Diagnostic services
Eye irritation and redness
Ear pain
Flu Shots
Flu (influenza testing)
Minor broken bones (fractures)
Pregnancy tests
Seasonal allergies
Skin rashes and infections
Sore throat, strep tests
Sport Physicals, available all year
Sprains and strains
STD testing
Tetanus, TDAP
Urinary tract infections
Vomiting or diarrhea
Wounds/cuts requiring stiches